8 Awesome Gifts for Travelers who can't sleep

May 15, 2018
Celia Jenkins

gifts for travelers who cant sleep

Don’t you just hate those people who can go out like a light as soon as they fancy a nap?

Regardless of the endless buzz of airplane engines, the chattering of the couple across the aisle wails from the baby two rows back, and the distracting smells from flatulent passengers, there are some people who still find it easy to drop off while traveling.

If you or someone you know find it difficult to fall asleep while taking a long-distance bus, plane, boat or train journey, or perhaps have trouble falling asleep in a new place, check out these awesome gifts which will have you getting shut-eye in no time.


1. Eye Masks

Gone are the days when an eye mask was just a ski goggles-shaped bit of fabric on overly stretchy elastic. There are all sorts of eye masks these days, from simple to fancy. Eye massage technology, contoured memory foam, calming gel, gentle vibration, warming and cooling sensations, lightweight silk… the list goes on and on. Or if you’re looking for a gift with a comedy factor, you can’t beat a novelty eye mask. From bug-eyed stares and cute animals to calming images matched with profanities, there is a wide selection to choose from!


2. Sleep Headphones


If you can’t get to sleep without the gentle sound of waves crashing onto a beach (or simply want to block out the sound of the little squealers in the seat in front) then you won’t get far without some specially designed sleep headphones. Normal earbuds have the tendency to pop out of your ears just as you’re dropping off, and traditional headphones are uncomfortable to sleep in. SleepPhones are different because the speakers are flat, slotted into a headband which won’t slip off or be uncomfortable to lean on. This Bluetooth device has a battery life of 13 hours, and the band is washable too.


3. Relaxing Music

On the topic of headphones, it makes a difference what you pipe through them too! Some people find it easy to drift off listening to their favorite tunes, but there are also some specific sounds which can help us to drift off. The sound of waves, whale song, white noise, gentle music, water sounds… the best thing to do is try a few out and see what works for you. If you’re looking for some free samples to try out, we recommend The Honest Guys. This Youtube channel is specifically for meditation and relaxation, and you can find calming music paired with sounds of rain to soothe you into sleep.


4. Calming Tea

When boarding a long distance flight, it’s tempting to make use of the beverages on offer and dose up on free wine, as well as knocking back as much free coffee as you can. However, this won’t help your sleep in the long run – having a few glasses of wine may conk you out initially, but the quality of sleep will be far poorer. It’s better to opt for caffeine free tea, and if the airline doesn’t offer a good selection, bring your own. We recommend Sleepy Tea from the Tea House Emporium. This blend of lemon balm, chamomile and lavender are sure to relax you for a better nights sleep. Remember to bring your tea in the original packaging – loose leaf tea has the tendency to look a bit suspicious at the baggage check.


5. Lavender

It’s a well-known fact that lavender can help you to sleep, and there are so many ways you can incorporate it into your travel sleep routine. Lavender scented eye masks, lavender moisturizer, lavender mist spray and oil… the list goes on. We love this Sleepy moisturizer from Lush, which contains lavender oil, lavender water and a lavender flower infusion.


6. Sleep Aid Blankets

Don’t you just hate those blankets they give out in economy class on airplanes? The itchy fabric is pretty annoying, as is the fact that they’re so lightweight that they slip straight off you as soon as you nod off, not to mention that they don’t actually keep you warm. If you find it hard to sleep without a decent blanket, check out weighted blankets that are designed to help you sleep. For a luxuriant purchase, consider the VIVALON weighted blanket – it weighs 9lb, is silky soft, and is sure to give you a great nights sleep.


7. Travel Pillow

In days gone by, inflatable travel pillows were a good idea but not actually all that comfortable. More often than not, you’d had a spiky bit of plastic jabbing into your neck, and then find that the pillow slowly deflates itself while you snooze. Not to mention all the effort of blowing it up! These days there are loads of options: memory foam, twist designs for adaptable positions, chin support designs, all-in-one head and neck support, Styrofoam beads, ultra-light… the choices are endless. You can view some of our top travel pillow picks here. We’re impressed with this wraparound neck support from Trtl Pillow – it isn’t bulky and won’t break the bank either!


8. Sleeping Pills

If you really have trouble getting to sleep on long-distance travel, think about trying sleeping pills to ensure a good night’s sleep. There are lots of brands available, so you should speak to your local pharmacist to get a recommendation about what will work best for you. Remember to check that your pills won’t clash with any other medication you’re taking (including herbal medicine) and read the label regarding if it can be taken with alcohol and whether or not it causes drowsiness.


With travel being such a popular pastime (and also a necessity for many business people), we can’t afford to be losing sleep just because we’re off on a trip. There are plenty of options for people who have trouble dropping off, from cheap and simple to extravagant gift options. Which of these awesome gifts will you be adding to your next Christmas list?

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