8 Best Delsey Luggage in 2018 reviewed & compared

Emily Parker

Searching for the best Delsey luggage in 2018? Check out our in-depth reviews, read our pros & cons, factors to consider and pick the perfect Delsey carry-on, under seat or checked option for you.

Delsey, as you probably know is one of the better luggage brands out there. Buying a luggage is no small investment and I think you would agree that just buying 1 or a set and traveling with that for as long as possible is the best way to go.

Whether you are here looking for a new luggage & Delsey is one of the brands you are considering


You have owned a Delsey suitcase for many years and are looking for an upgrade…

We’ve got you covered.


Best Overall
Delsey Helium Aero 29
Delsey Helium Aero 29"
our rating
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A solid combination of construction quality, plenty of packing space & super smooth wheels make for an excellent offering
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Delsey Montmartre 25
Delsey Montmartre 25" Spinner
our rating
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A functional & aesthetically elegant soft side offering by Delsey that really catches the eye.
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Luxury Pick
Delsey Chatelet Carry-on
Delsey Chatelet Hard+ 21" Carry-on
our rating
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A unique braking system, luxurious lined interiors & an exterior that has good impact resistance are just some of the features on offer.
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Note: Your preferences and needs may vary so we’ve gone for a wide variety of options & you can opt different sizes in a particular collection or series too.  


8 Best Delsey Luggage in 2018

Our Delsey luggage reviews cover everything from under seat options to carry-on to international checked luggage options that are available in the market today.


1. Delsey - Helium Aero 29" Spinner

1. Delsey - Helium Aero 29


  • Plenty of packing space
  • Wheels are sturdy and roll smoothly
  • The expansion features & the front access pouch on the carry on is great
  • Aesthetics are pretty clean & stylish


  • Can be prone to scratches
  • Very easy to go overweight on 29”

This is one of our favorites and even features on our top checked luggage list. This is one of the best if not the best hard side luggage offering out there not just by Delsey alone. Aesthetically and functionality wise this option is pretty hard to beat. We tend to favor the 21” & the 29” which is what we’ve reviewed here.

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Hardsides are seldom expandable and you can gain an extra 2 inches of packing space too. Irrespective of whether you are considering the carry-on or mid-size or even the 29” we’ve shown here, you will definitely have yourself a suitcase that rolls well. The carry-on option has a front pouch as well which is a super handy feature to have. These are reasonably light as well. The handles can be locked in a couple of positions which helps. The zippers are also well made and most users haven’t had any issues with them which is a big positive.

Like any other luggage in the market there are some trade-offs. Some users reported that the paint from the handle does tend to fade away on the larger model. The main issues however is related to its hardside properties. It can be prone to scratches and some dents if handled in a very rough fashion. The Wheels however stay strong throughout.

Price wise we would say it’s between a low to medium price point, in their respective sizing categories. The quality definitely makes it a worthwhile investment. It also comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

2. Delsey - Montmartre 25"

2. Delsey - Montmartre 25


  • Easy access compartment for shoes is great
  • Interiors have many pockets for better organization
  • Premium quality for a good price
  • Handles & spinner wheels are super smooth


  • Marginally on the heavier side for its size

The Montmartre is one of our favorite soft side options from Delsey Paris. Aesthetic elegance coupled with a good level of functionality makes this a great choice for travelers.

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Available in 3 colors

Variants & Weight:

21” – 7.3lbs

25” - 9lbs – This is the one we reviewed here

29” – 10lbs

The ballistic nylon exterior is pretty standard and it does gather some dust over time but holds together well otherwise. The Monmartre’s wheels, zippers & handles exude quality. These usually are the culprits on most suitcases but certainly not on these from what we found. The telescopic handles usually last longer and these can lock into position as well. If you are a taller person you will definitely find the longer handle makes your experience much more comfortable

The easy access shoe compartment is probably our favorite feature since this allows you to access the bottom most part of the luggage. The wheel pairs make this spinners roll extremely well on different surfaces.

Coming to the interiors, these are quite basic with multiple zippered compartments for storage. The main storage space isn’t too premium looking with basic straps which we thought could be better. The handles are not on the outside so if you need more packing room you can expand it by a couple of inches too. The biggest con would possibly related to its weight. While it does feel sturdy it does weigh more than many other suitcases in its class. This is just with respect to the 25” the carry-on and the bigger version fairs okay in the weight department.

3. Delsey - Chatelet Hard+ 21"

3. Delsey - Chatelet Hard+ 21


  • Braking system for front wheels is good
  • Extremely well built
  • Zippers are highly durable
  • Worldwide limited 10 year warranty


  • Scratches can be easily seen on the Champagne version
  • One of the heavier options in the market today

If you are looking for a more luxurious carry-on alternative to the Helium Aero, the Delsey Chatelet Hard+ is an impressive option that even has a unique braking system for the wheels.

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Size: 20.25 x 14.25 x 9.5

Weight: 9.3 lbs

Available in 2 options (Chocolate & Champagne)

The Chatelet Hard+ is indeed a work of art. It’s not often a Polycarbonate luggage looks good but this one sure does. The faux leather accents & the rich interiors make this an extremely good looking spinner suitcase. The brake system is a major positive and one of the major talking points of course. The system basically locks the 2 front wheels at the push of a button and most users reported the system to work just fine.

The zippers & handles are some of the best we’ve seen in terms of offerings by Delsey. The interiors have many pockets for organization and come with a red color finish on both models. The exterior is quite sturdy and despite the scratches being highly visible on the Champagne model it can really withstand a lot of abuse. This bodes well if you happen to opt for the larger variant. The wheels are really well made and the roll pretty quietly. The TSA locking mechanism is implemented well on this model too.

If you are wondering why we’ve gone with the Helium Aero over the Chatelet, in terms of carry on recommendations, well, the Chatelet is much heavier. The numerous features do come at the cost of weight and if you are a traveler who likes to skip the checked luggage and stick to the carry-on then this Delsey Paris luggage isn’t for you.

4. Delsey - Helium Titanium 29" Spinner

4. Delsey - Helium Titanium 29


  • Lighter than the Aero
  • Excellent construction quality
  • Wheels roll smoothly on pretty much any surface
  • Handles & zippers are built to last
  • Scratches aren't easily visible


  • The colors can be a tad dull

You’re probably looking at the Helium Titanium, the Helium Aero & the Helium Titanium again and thinking “what’s the difference?” Granted they do have a lot of similarities they have some differences too. Let’s delve in to see why the Delsey Titanium should definitely interest you.

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Size: 29.2 x 19.5 x 12.5 inches

Weight: 11.7 lbs

The Helium Titanium is available in almost as many colors as the Aero but the latter is a bit glossier and the Titanium with its matt finish is more moderate in terms of aesthetics. The handles, zippers, TSA locks are all very good and durable. The wheels roll really well. They both come with a 10 year limited warranty. Now coming to the first major difference and the deciding factor for many folks. The Titanium is lighter. The Aero comes in at 12.5 lbs and the Titanium at just 11.7. For the people for whom every little ounce matters this can be important.

The interiors are pretty good with a couple of compartments and plenty of packing space as well. The titanium also has zippered dividers on the inside. The matt finish or tone down exterior in terms of color also has its advantages. Since hardsides tend to accumulate scratches over time they are far less visible on this than the Aero. If you are thinking why the Aero is still above on the list, even after all these positives? Well, it’s just a matter of preference and we felt the Aero exuded more quality in terms of the finish. Functionally, however it’s definitely neck & neck.

5. Delsey - Quilted Rolling UnderSeater

5. Delsey - Quilted Rolling UnderSeater


  • Very well made
  • Quite roomy with plenty of pockets
  • Fits on even the smallest of aircraft
  • Value for money


  • No laptop sleeve

For those who travel often and in short spurts, under seater luggage is usually the smart way to go. This offering by Delsey is one of the really good ones in the market. The Sky Max 2 is also a good option but read to find out why we liked this rolling underseater better.

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Size: 9” x 14.5” x 14”

Weight: 4.6lbs

First up, it’s compact & roomy at the same time. You can eliminate the need for things like toiletry bags if you have this with you. The bag comes with plenty of pockets & zips for staying organized. There’s also a side section with a plastic lining that can hold your toiletries and prevent any spillage from damaging the rest of the contents.

Its size can be a good thing or a bad thing based on what you are after. If you are looking for something to fit a laptop this model doesn’t come with a sleeve nor is it big enough for a 15.6 inch laptop. There’s a sleeve to hold tablets or even laptops

The sky Max 2 has the edge in that department. For others, who like something compact and can hold some shoes & clothes for a couple of days this Delsey is almost a no-brainer. The Polyester exterior and the inside lining are of very good quality as well. The bottle holder on the side can handle smaller water bottles better. The easy access pouch is very well compartmentalized & since it’s an under seater you can very easily take whatever you need during the course of the flight.

6. Delsey - Helium Sky 29"

6. Delsey - Helium Sky 29


  • Very light for its size
  • Plenty of external & internal pockets for organization
  • Rolls well


  • The dirt is easily visible on the red variant
  • Issues can arise with the wheels if subject to rough use

If you are thinking you need a soft sided luggage by Delsey that’s large & light, stop right here! The Helium Sky 29” could be a good option, especially for international travelers.

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Available in 2 colors

Weight: 10lbs~

Size: 29” x 19.5” x 11.5"


If you are no stranger to living out of a suitcase like myself, then we might agree that having more flexibility in terms of weight is very important. It’s quite normal to buy a book or some souvenirs along the trip and this luggage can help you in all these situations. The Delsey Helium Sky has a fair few more positives than negatives.

There are plenty of pockets 3 on the outside and more than that on the inside so you can keep your stuff organized. The suitcase is expandable by a couple of inches and the build does look rather ordinary. The wheels roll well but were not the sturdiest around. Elements of this Delsey can look flimsy. Like the handle looks a tad thin for the overall size of the luggage but it does hold together well.


The main con was more to do with the fact that the wheels can break if subjected to rough treatment constantly. This is where we felt that having wheel pairs like the Montmartre comes in handy. Also the handle at the bottom despite being labeled as easy to grab we thought a more conventional design was better.

7. Delsey - Cruise Lite Garment Bag

7. Delsey - Cruise Lite Garment Bag


  • Aesthetically very impressive with its book-opening design
  • Rubberized wheels roll well
  • Stress points are well protected
  • Plenty of pockets for organization


  • A tad pricey
  • Zippers can have issues when tightly packed

The Cruise Lite soft side garment bag is what really caught our eye in this series. The larger checked cruise lite variants we found to be very similar to the Montmartre but the Cruise Lite garment bag offers you an interesting & well-built alternative.

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Size: 23.5 x 22.75 x 11.75 inches

Weight: 11lbs~

Right off the bat let’s be clear, whilst some airlines do allow larger carry-ons (like 55” linear) you are better off simply checking in this garment bag even though it's just 23” linearly. The book opening type design was something we liked as it allows you to store a LOT. The bags main advantage is its maneuverability. The wheels are rubberized plus it’s a dual wheel spinner too so it’s very comfortable to use. There are plenty of pockets including 2 corner ones for smaller items like belts & 2 shoe compartments as well.

If you decide to pack your garment bag to the fullest extent then the zippers can be difficult to operate. This was mentioned by other users as well. Packing it too fully can cause some discomfort when trying to close the outer snaps as well. Other than the price, we thought the outer snap design could have been better. The book design itself tends to contribute to how we interpret what we can actually fit in this luggage but it’s still a nice option for those that like something compact & easy to organize.

8. Delsey - Chatillon 29"

8. Delsey - Chatillon 29


  • Very light
  • Extremely spacious
  • Water-resistant exterior
  • Good price for its size


  • Gathers dust very easily
  • Construction quality isn’t the best (Especially the wheels)
  • Over weight detector can be a bit unreliable

If you are hunting for a Delsey that has a lot of packing space and is light at the same time then the Chatillon will interest you. It comes with a neat little overweight detector too in case you are over ambitious with your packing.

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Size: 29.25” x 19.25” x 12.25”

Weight: 9.3lbs

Just 1 look at this luggage & you will know how much emphasis was placed on packing room. There are plenty of pockets inside and out to help you stay organized as well. Quality of the zippers & handles are good. The overweight detector we mentioned (which lets you know when your suitcase is heavier than 50lbs) is a positive as well, however there have been instances reported by users of this failing from time to time. Scales are far more accurate and overall in our eyes this becomes more of a non-feature. The corners are definitely better reinforced than many options out there. At 9.3 lbs. it’s quite light as well given its size.

Coming to the downsides, we weren’t too impressed with quality of the tiny wheels and they don’t seem to roll very well on rougher surfaces. Other users mentioned this as well. The rough water repelling surface can gather a fair amount of dust easily as well which affects the aesthetics after just a few trips.

Criteria we used to evaluate the best Delsey luggage around


Delsey Paris was founded way back in 1946 and has a stellar reputation for producing top quality luggage for consumers. Delsey is one of the more established mainstream brands like Samsonite with excellent design elements. Aesthetically Delsey options are quite elegant but we’ve used more than just looks to pick our list. Here are what we looked at when picking. These could be useful when you are making your decision too!


The durability of zippers, handles, wheels etc

Have you ever heard of a statement like…”I wish the quality of X was like it was 10 years ago.” We sure would have come across such statements time & time again so how does Delsey fare when it comes to durability with these offerings? The build quality of the wheels, ability to source replacements were very important to us. Additionally, the dual wheel system (so essentially wheel pairs) we found to have a slight edge on the single wheeled spinners. There were barely any reports of handles coming off. The ability of the handle to extend and lock in at different heights & lock in was another element we looked at. Zipper quality has traditionally been very good on Delsey suitcases and this is something that seems like a small issue but has bigger consequences.


Size Range

The external dimensions of a luggage can be pretty important. Especially if you are traveling on budget airlines like Ryanair you need to make sure your carry-on or checked bag match requirements. Most of the suitcases we’ve listed come in 3 to 4 size variants all the way from under seater options to 29” checked luggage. We preferred options that have consistent quality throughout the different sizes. The Aero, Chatelet & Montmartre series’ excel at this.


Q: Are some that you mentioned on the list available as 1 set?

A: At the time of writing, most of the ones listed here are sold by Delsey as sets. So you can typically buy the carry-on a mid-sized option and the larger 29″ option together. There are other luggage sets that are quite good as well including the Delsey Comete.


Packing & Organization

This is pretty much the essence of any suitcase and the more organization your luggage offers you the better. This we thought was key considering the Delseys’ aren’t something we would chuck into the budget category. Delsey’s easy access shoe section was a massive positive for us since it’s quite common to switch between footwear and avoiding the hassle of unpacking everything is a win-win situation. Many models feature plenty of pockets not just your standard fabric lined section or mesh separation. The Chatelet series has rich interiors if that’s something that’s high on your list.



This is definitely something that is subjective but most Delseys are in the affordable – mid-price range. You need to probably ascertain if the quality benefits you are after, reflect the price in your eyes.


Features like overweight Indicators & tracking codes

Overweight indicators which are a feature on many Delseys’ (usually on the 25” & 29” versions only) we thought were a nice touch along with web tracking codes. Tracking codes help the person who recovers your luggage to contact you.


To Sum it up:

We hope these Delsey luggage reviews give you a clearer idea of the advantages & disadvantages of the different models. The Helium Aero was definitely one of our favorites for both smaller & larger suitcases.


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