Best luggage tags and labels in 2018 reviewed

Shree Ravi

I am sure you’ve been in a situation where:

You’re tired after a long flight…

You just want to find your luggage and get home ASAP…

& you’re waiting for your luggage at the carousel for 30 mins only to realize that the black luggage (which also happens to resemble 10 others at least) that’s been circling for the last 29 mins, is actually yours!

Experiences like this are never pleasant. With the best luggage tags we’ve picked out, you can ensure you not only get your luggage quickly but also never lose it.

The perfect luggage tags are usually versatile and can be used on carry-on luggage, check-in baggage or even backpacks to keep them safe & identify them quickly.


Best Overall
TUFFTAAG luggage tag
our rating
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Top notch durability & clean design
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Initial Luggage tag by shacke
Shacke Initial Tag
our rating
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A flexible luggage tag with a touch of personalization
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Travelambo leather luggage tag
Travelambo Leather Tag
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Genuine Leather with a host of color options
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 Our top 10 luggage tag picks

We’ve broken down the different types of tags, what to look for and all the best luggage name tags and GPS tags as well.

1. TUFFTAAG PAIR Travel ID Bag Tag

TUFFTAG Travel ID bag tag


  • Good Size
  • Great Durability
  • PDF template for personalization


  • A bit pricey


Size: 2.36 x 4.13 x 0.15 inches

Available individually or in sets of 2

First up, you can buy these in a range of colours so you can definitely have one that does not blend in with the suitcase itself. The Aluminium design is extremely sturdy which makes it durable even in the toughest of conditions.

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The upside is that the colours are quite distinct thanks to the material, this in turn, makes it very easy to spot. The strap is a steel cable which allows the tag to stay secure to your bag or suitcase. The unscrewing process is quite simple and easy. After purchase, the company will send you a PDF template which you can then print and insert into the TUFFTAAG itself which is very handy. All of these features make this our pick (amongst the regular tags at least) for the best luggage tag.


2. Tag with Initials by Shacke

Initial Luggage Tag by Shacke


  • Great for having a truly personalized luggage
  • Identification is easy
  • Good design
  • Can withstand rough treatment


  • Some rare cases of the steel loop being loose were reported


Size range: 4 x 2.5 inches

Initials: A to Z

Fully bendable

A luggage tag you can personalize will obviously have more value and is something you can identify much easier than other generic options. You can select your initials and customize this tag to your liking.


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The rest of the working/ design is rather self explanatory and the difference between these and the other Shacke luggage tags on our list is that you can't seal your name & address from public view. It's certainly not a con in our eyes. The decision of what you choose can be quite subjective.

The upside is the tags construction and its ability to withstand rough treatment. Due to its size your much better off using it on checked luggage that carry-on. A tag that's personal & highly visible ticks all the boxes for us.

3. Travelambo Genuine Leather Luggage Tags

Travelambo Leather Tags


  • Very high-quality material
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect size


  • The buckle design could be made more secure


Size: 3.9 x 2.8 x 0.1 inches

Leather material

Set of 2

Another one of our favourites on our list is the Travelambo Leather luggage tag. At first glance, the quality is quite impressive. The colours are bright, maybe not as bright as the pictures but they do definitely stick out and serve its purpose well.

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This regular tag uses a strap and buckle made from steel and is reasonably effective in making sure the piece stays attached to the baggage. Rough luggage handling can force the strap to come loose in some cases. This tag comes as a set of 2 which is perfect for your carry-on also as it is not too bulky unlike others like the Dynotag. The privacy flap is simple and not too complex like the ones used in the Tufftag or the travelon. Overall, this is indeed another top luggage tag for folks to utilize.

4. Square Luggage Tags by Leatherology

4. Square Luggage Tags by Leatherology


  • Full Grain Leather
  • Comes in an elegant gift box
  • Stylish
  • Securing strap is easy to use
  • Perfect for carry on luggage or travel bags


  • Too small for larger suitcases

An ideal tag for smaller bags and carry on luggage. It is made from high-quality leather and it comes in a number of vibrant color options. Comes in a very elegant gift box making it an ideal gift for travelers!

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Size: 3.9 x 3.3 x 0.2 inches

It's quite hard to go wrong with this impressive tag by Leatherology. The square tag's aesthetics and leather quality are very good. This tag will last you or the person you gift it to a very long time. Its quite small however and not ideal for larger suitcase since the whole point is to identify your luggage as soon as possible. This tag can be pretty easy to miss on the carousel which is its only downside

For carry-ons its is perfect though. It also has an ID window where you can enter your contact details and the likes. There are other shapes and sizes on offer by Leathorology as well which you can check out before you decide. Larger options for larger suitcases are very good too and the build quality is equally exceptional.

5. Tile Mate - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder

Tile Mate Anything Finder Review


  • Extremely versatile
  • The app is very easy to use
  • Perfect for checking to see if luggage made the connecting flight
  • Clean & Compact design


  • Stolen luggage need to have other Tile devices nearby for discovery
  • Limited life of 1 year (approx.)
  • Can be invasive since location is constantly logged onto tile devices


Size: 1.34 x 1.34 x 0.18 inches

Bluetooth tracker

Range: 30 Feet – 100 feet

Available in packs of 1, 4 & 8.

The tile mate can do a lot of things but one of the coolest in our opinion is that it can check if your luggage has been loaded onto your connecting flight while you’re in the aircraft. The tile’s Bluetooth allows you to travel with a piece of mind. Instead of waiting and keeping an eye on every suitcase that passes by, you can simply check your app to see when the luggage has arrived on the carousel.

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The Tile Mate’s uses are extremely versatile as it has a number of features which can help you locate your phone through a single press or find locate anything and everything that other tiles are attached to.

The “notify when found” option has its upsides and downsides, however. This option allows other people’s tiles to notify you when they walk near your missing tile or suitcase. The upside is that you can harness the community’s power to track down lost or stolen items. The downsides are that your luggage HAS to come into range of another tile. This is where GPS trackers can have an edge. If you are traveling in remote locations this might not help you. Another is that if you place your tile on the outside of the baggage it can be separated, which can render them useless.

Overall, we think this is a pretty great option for travelers as they can use it with backpacks, luggage or even a tent when you are hiking in the forest. Make sure you read the TOS to see if you are comfortable with how the tiles interact with one another if you plan on using it on other everyday devices. As the tile community grows so will its effectiveness.


6. Shacke Luggage Tags

Shacke Luggage Tag review


  • Flexible Material makes it hard to break
  • Privacy cover is great to hide info
  • Plenty of color options


  • Double the weight of most other tags
  • Some users reported the metal strap to be a bit tough to work with


Size: 4.5 x 2.5 inches

Set of 2

Up next is the Shacke luggage tag set. This tag is as regular as they come in terms of looks but is highly functional. Made of PVC this tag is very bendable.

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It’s almost a necessity considering that the size and feel are on the bulkier side. This tag can fit most standard business cards with ease and has a flap that covers the owner info. We noticed that the steel loop is extremely tough and this can go both ways in terms of effectiveness based on what the tag is attached to. If the loop was slightly larger it would be perfect for many suitcases in the market. A pretty solid choice for anyone needing a luggage name tag that is simple and inexpensive.

7. Cool Luggage Tag by Travelon

Travelon Luggage Tags


  • Great value for money
  • Highly durable


  • Does not fit business cards
  • Tricky to open


Size: 3.5 x 2.5 x .25

Set of 2

If you are a frequent traveler and are in need of a name tag for your luggage that will withstand thousands of miles, the Travelon is the one for you.

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The hard plastic feel of the tag is great and is designed to withstand the test of time. The rubber strap that connects to your luggage is quite sturdy too. A lot of users have reported that it can be a bit tricky to open. This particular tag is designed to hide your essential info whilst revealing the name until detached and opened. The tag needs to be removed and disassembled in order to insert the info sheet inside. The design is something we really liked and the price is extremely cheap too. A cool tag for anyone looking to secure their carry-on or suitcase.

8. Luggage tags for cruises by Highwind

Cruise Luggage Tags by Highwind


  • Perfect for cruises aboard Carnival, Princess, Costa, P&O and more.
  • Zip enclosure protects the tag from rain or rough handling
  • Great Price


  • A bigger wire holder would make this perfect


Set of 4 or 8

Size: 7.25 x 3.5 inches

PVC plastic material 

Primarily designed with cruises in mind, these travel tags are perfect for any mode of transport too. The tags make the essential info very easy to read and identification is a cinch.

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The zip seal is a simple yet great idea to keep the tag secure when rough handling comes into play. It keeps moisture out as well so you needn’t worry if you spill a drink on the tag. The stainless steel loops, we thought could be slightly bigger to make this tag absolutely perfect. This is without a doubt the best cruise tag on the market and one of our favourites.

9. Hibate Comfort Neoprene Luggage Handle Wraps Grips

Hibate Neoprene Handle Wraps


  • Great for identification
  • Comfy
  • Works for any travel bag


  • No ID info, in case the luggage is lost
  • Coloration suffers when damp or wet


Size: 5.9 x 4.5 inch

Neoprene material

For those simply looking to identify their luggage quicker at carousels, the Hibate is perfect. There isn’t any flapping metal or aluminum tags and the chances of the wrap coming off are minimal.

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These bright fluorescent handle wraps have been made from neoprene which is comfy and safe on the hands too. The design fits almost every suitcase handle perfectly. We noted that even though it’s loose on a few, it still didn’t come off. The Velcro is also sufficiently strong for rough handling. Nothing makes it easier to spot your luggage than handle wraps.

10. NUOLUX Travel Luggage Tags

Nuolux Baggage Tags are shown here


  • Very inexpensive
  • Waterproof sheet ensures your writing stays


  • Does not fit business cards
  • Hard to see the name without removing the entire tag


Size: 7.5 x 4.4 cm

Set of 7

For those looking for something inexpensive for the entire family, the NUOLUX is perfect. As far as the best travel luggage tags go, these are definitely in the conversation. The metal screw connector is quite simple to operate as well. What we really liked the most is the waterproof film that protects whatever is written.

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A lot of the time the writing fades due to moisture or constant friction. This set is definitely resolute on that front. Available as a set of 7 makes it a great option for the entire family. The downsides are purely limited to the implementation of the cards design. In an attempt to make sure information like address is hidden from view, the slit was made too narrow in our opinion. It’s quite hard to read the name through the aeroplane shaped slit, especially if two people have similar tags. These do fit a lot of business cards but not all. Overall, a great option if you are on a budget and are looking for some cheap luggage tags.

Tags and identifiers are of 4 types

Despite the simplicity of the concept, there are 4 main types of luggage tags one can find and they are listed below.

Ordinary luggage tags

These are your traditional tags which most people use on their handbags and suitcases. These come with straps made from different materials and have space for you to fill out your name. You can simply write it down or have them printed for better personalization. These baggage tags (often rectangular) are handed to you by the airline themselves or come along as a free accessory when you buy the best travel luggage or suitcases in the market. The downsides with the ones you get for free is durability and the fact that they are very similar to other people’s tags.

an image of a suitcase name tag

Smart Luggage Tags

Smart luggage tags or QR tags which some call them can allow you to trace your luggage extremely quickly in the airport as well as in the scenario where it has been stolen or even misplaced by the airlines. Even though better airline practices have resulted in fewer instances of baggage loss, there are still a significant number of occurrences happening. These tags utilize QR codes, GPS or Bluetooth depending upon the design which facilitates their traceability. There are alternatives where a tag can simply be activated and you can check on the maker’s website for the bag’s whereabouts. Another major advantage with these is that they can be easily used in any handbag, backpack, key chain, wallet or suitcase.

Luggage Stickers

Good old stickers will do the trick if you are looking for something simple and economical. These function like personalized luggage tags allowing you or the authorities to identify your luggage easily. The downsides with these are 1. it can damage the material of some bags leaving an ugly stain caused by the glue. 2. They can’t be tracked remotely and can only help you in limited scenarios.

Luggage Handle Wraps

The luggage handle wrap is another kind that can simplify the identification process. It can help authorities locate the luggage easily when misplaced. The wrap unlike the regular tags or smart tags does not contain any information so they cannot be directly returned to their owner. These have the added benefit of being a very comfy grip which can make pulling your suitcase that much more easier.


Factors we considered when choosing the best luggage tags


The appearance of your tag is important for aesthetic reasons but more important for visibility purposes. If your tag doesn’t help you spot your suitcase or backpack quickly then it doesn’t fully serve its purpose. Always look for a tag that stands out and is unique.

An image of one of the best luggage tags due to its uniqueness

You can also opt for tags based on your likes & dislikes. An example of a cool luggage tag would be a spiderman or ironman tag. These will be quite unique and ensure there’s no chance of getting your suitcases mixed up. That is also the reason why we have chosen flashy colors as our preferred choice for use.

The airlines always hand out a couple of paper tags at the check-in counter, why can’t I just use those? 

Well for starters those are all identical. Also typically, they are handed out for your carry-on and not your checked luggage. They also can be torn quite easily. In some airports, stepping out in a bit of light rain onto the tarmac is not uncommon so these can get destroyed extremely quickly. These are also devoid of smart tracking features than you can otherwise have at your disposal. The advantage they have is that they are quite ecofriendly. Although if your suitcase (like some B&R luggage) has a retractable tag then those are definitely beneficial. 

Eco friendly tag


When we talk about functionality we usually talk about the clarity of the information presented. Look for a tag that displays your name or info you deem essential clearly. Some tags need to be opened or taken apart to view the name. At the same time products that hide info like addresses are a boon. If you decide to print your tag info, keep in mind that some ink has a tendency to fade rapidly. So a good label can be used on any set of luggage & will always be insulated from weather elements. Smart tags add a whole bunch of functionality elements but make sure the ones that are most important to you are present.

If you decide to print your tag info, keep in mind that some ink has a tendency to fade rapidly. So a good luggage label will always be insulated from weather elements. Smart tags add a whole bunch of functionality elements but make sure the ones that are most important to you are present.


There are a number of different companies and products that have made use of different elements on their tags. These range from PVC, plastic to leather and aluminum. Generally, the size and the flexibility of the element has a saw in how well it survives even the toughest of airports or cruises. Look for products that have satisfaction guarantees, these are usually an indication of a solid product. Aluminum tends to be the lightest yet flimsiest of all the aforementioned materials.

Look for products that have satisfaction guarantees, these are usually an indication of a solid product. Aluminum tends to be the lightest yet flimsiest of all the aforementioned materials. Plastic is not exactly environmentally friendly either so try to opt for the metallic or leather option if durability is your number one criteria.

A picture of a strong strap which is an important part of any luggage tag review criteria

Type of strap

This usually has a large say in the durability and functionality aspect as well. Steel straps are extremely common as they have repeatedly shown to be quite sturdy and tough. Leather straps are a great choice if the overall build quality is high. Otherwise, the edges can start fraying easily.

Additionally, watch out for some tags & straps being excessively sharp. If you’ve ever taken a cab out of an airport then you will have seen how some taxi drivers throw your suitcase in the back. We’ve chosen ones that are flexible but firm at the same time.



This is probably the most important feature for many people but we feel personalized tags need to be as durable as regular tags in order to be worth the extra couple of bucks. The Shacke & The GP we’ve chosen can be customized to an extent but we highly valued the visibility these provided in addition to the initials & engraving. One can always get very clever with what they choose to display go for something unique & tags that allow you to do that are awesome provided they last long.


Smart Functions

Smart luggage tags can track your luggage through numerous ways. If you are looking for a tag that provides a lot of security and peace of mind then opt for a smart tag that works with Bluetooth or one that can be actively tracked at all times. Tags like the ReturnMe or the Dynotag are options for you to consider but is still dependent on the finder to contact the respective service which puts the finder in touch with you. The Tile mate we thought has a bit of an edge in this department as you can directly track your luggage. Some of the brands also provide a pet ID tag service so can travel with your little friends anywhere in the world with greater peace of mind.

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