Best Luggage sets in 2017 reviewed

Shree Ravi

Ever been in a situation where you find that 1 luggage you have is too big but the other is too small for your trip?

It’s not often we find ourselves traveling for a set amount of days always.

I think you’ll agree that nobody would want to bring a bulky 29” luggage for a 4 or 5-day trip. Or a small 18” for that matter.

This is one of the many reasons why luggage sets are the way to go.

Additionally, if you are looking for luggage for your entire family then our list of best luggage sets would be ideal.

Factors like sizing, nesting capability, durability & more are important to pick the right set for you.

Which is why we’ve researched and tested various options in the market to figure out which offers the most value and narrowed our list to these 10 sets.


10 Best luggage sets for travelers in 2017

Some contain everything from large checked luggage to small travel bags & others are simple matching carry-on & checked suitcase pairs.


1. Samsonite - Winfield 2 Fashion - 3 piece


  • Plenty of pockets to stay organized
  • Quite sturdy & durable
  • Comes with a 10 year limited warranty
  • Zippers & locks are really well made
  • Larger cases are expandable


  • Scratches tend to get noticed easily
  • Some users reported the handle on the 28” to be a tad flimsy
  • No external easy access compartments

It’s hard to leave out the Winfield 2 on any luggage list thanks to the super build quality on offer. The Winfield 2 is a fashionable hard side set that will hold well in tough usage conditions.

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Size: 20”, 24”, 28”

Weight: 6.7, 9.3, 11.1 lbs

Made from 100% polycarbonate the Winfield 2 set has many positive traits, the interior being one of them. Unlike many simple solutions we see on most this one has a number of pockets and a full zip divider to keep your items organized. The exterior features a shiny finish which has its ups and downsides.

The zippers are the best we’ve seen on any suitcase in terms of quality. They work well together with the TSA locks which are pretty standard. All 3 are quite light with the 20” being especially light which helps when you want to leave the other 2 behind and use your set economically.

Scratches are probably a given downside for any hard sided option but for the Winfield 2 due to its shiny finish they tend to stick out even more. The availability of ample packing space means the large one can get pretty heavy and many users noted that the handle may not be sturdy enough for the task. The 2 large ones can be expanded as well to get 1.5” more space.

2. Travel Pro - Maxlite 4 Spinner Set of 3


  • All 3 are extremely light
  • Premium build quality at a good price
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Nested storage
  • Durability of wheels, handles, zippers are to notch


  • The carry-on can be marginally large for some airlines
  • The 29” does tend to wear out quicker

The Maxlite series is another one of our favorites since you get quality that lasts. Each piece in this 3 piece set is super light and you get a great mixture of quality and durability too.

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Size: 21”, 25”, 29”

Weight: 5.9 lbs, 7.5~ lbs, 8.6 lbs

Normally, you’d think if a suitcase is super light it’s probably flimsy or you often find that there’s no support on the sides. This is NOT the case with the Maxlite 4 which is in fact quite sturdy. The weight and the quality of the wheels are what makes this extremely attractive for us.  The handles are nothing spectacular but highly functional. The telescopic handle does extend far, however, putting little to no strain on your shoulder.

We have reviewed the Maxlite 21”  & 25” before and found them to have good durability, now when you add the 29” to the mix you get a lot of versatility that allows you & your family to travel pretty much anywhere for any period of time. The expansion capabilities also come in handy giving you an additional 2” of packing space.

The size is usually the contentious point with the carry-on and 29” being a bit on the taller side. We found no issues with these but it was a point of concern for many users. Travel pro also mentions that these are all sizer tested which is a positive. Another point worth noting is that the 29 incher we found was not as sturdy as the 2 smaller options in the sense it does tend to show signs of wear after frequent use. Many users did report issues with the zipper after just a couple months of use.

All in all, if you’re into the habit of packing a lot on your trips or are planning a long family holiday then these can indeed carry a lot without you having to worry too much about the weight.

3. Duotone 3 piece set by it luggage


  • Ultra-light weight
  • Highly functional with many external pockets
  • Two toned look is super stylish
  • 14 different color options


  • Some durability is sacrificed during rough use
  • Only 1 zipped mesh compartment on the inside

It luggage has been known for making ultra-light luggage over the years and the duotone set is another great set for your travels.

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Size: 30.1 x 18.9 x 10.6, 26.2 x 16.9 x 9.8, 21 x 14 x 8.5 inches (Exterior dimensions)

Weight: 5.95, 5.25, 4.40 lbs

Made from high density polymer the Duotone set together weighs lesser than some 29” suitcases in the market. We really liked the 2 front pockets which are handy for storing multiple items. The interior is quite simple with just 1 zippered compartment and straps for keeping your clothes in place. Another thing we liked is that you can zip up the telescopic handle when not in use which gives the luggage a nice sleek appearance. We found the 60-40 color scheme variation to be quite attractive although this can be subjective. It's available in 14 different color options too.

Every luggage has its pros & cons and the trade-off with this one is you have to sacrifice some durability. If you expect your luggage to be tossed around a lot then a hard side option would serve you better. We found that the Duotone set holds up quite well during normal conditions, which is great considering its weight. The wheels are pretty slim & it doesn’t roll quite as smoothly as the Delsey or Travel pro but it’s still highly functional.

4. Steve Madden 4 piece Luggage collection


  • Fully lined interior with many pockets
  • Extremely well designed
  • The satchel can hold a lot of items
  • Comes with luggage tags
  • The handle & zippers work effortlessly


  • The Carry-on 20” is quite heavy
  • A round shape or smoother feel to the satchel’s handle is needed
  • Doesn’t come with any locks

Attention fashionistas! If you are looking for a stylish luggage for your extended travels then the 4 piece collection by Steve Madden should definitely be one for you.

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Size: 20”, 24”, 28”

Weight: 7.8, 8.9, 10.1 lbs.

Satchel: 3.5 lbs.

Most of y’all maybe familiar with Steve Madden shoes but their luggage collection is also one to pay attention to. This set of 3 suitcases + 1 satchel offers immense value for the price.

Let’s begin with the smallest, the satchel. It’s quite large and roomy and can easily accommodate your laptop (MacBook 15”) & many other items one typically takes during travel. The handle is the only thing that we noticed as a con as it’s not too comfy to hold for extended periods. A smoother finish or rounded handle can be easier on the hands especially if you are out and about for hours on end. The Satchel doesn’t come with too many compartments either.

The 24 & 28” are expandable soft sided luggage and have plenty of pockets on the inside for separating different items like socks, underwear and all 3 have 1 large pocket on the outside for travel documents. During storage they can be nested inside one another similar to many of the options on our list. The build quality of the handles & zippers are outstanding as well.

As for as downsides are concerned, the wheels don’t turn as easily as we’d have liked this issue was reported by others users too. We found that the ease sort of varied with the carry-on rolling the easiest while the big 28” the toughest to turn. (At times not always) the weight of the carry-on was definitely a weakness for us as it comes in 7.8lbs which is quite heavy for a small 20 incher.

This set does come in a couple of colors and we found that the scratches and dust are easily visible on the black, when compared to the dark purple. Overall, definitely one we’d highly recommend for those looking for something stylish at a good price.


5. Delsey - Helium Aero 2 piece Spinner Set


  • Wheels are well built and roll with ease
  • Excellent build quality resulting in a stylish exterior
  • The carry-on comes with an easy access front pocket
  • The 29” is quite light for its size
  • Both are expandable


  • A bit prone to scratches
  • Slightly expensive
  • The packing space in the 19” is slightly limited

The delsey helium Aero carry-on & checked suitcase combo is another one of our favorite hardside options. The quality finish & vibrant color scheme is built to last & make an impression.

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Size: 19” & 29”

Weight: ~7 & 12 lbs

Both the carry-on and checked versions have made our top 10 lists for their respective categories and this combo is sure to survive any rugged environment. Firstly, the smaller 19” comes with a front pouch which is a rarity on most in this category. The front pouch can be easily accessed too as it opens outward. You can easily grab items you need quick access to without putting all your contents on display.

The first question you may have when you look at the 29” is that does it pass airline requirements and it sure does, especially for international travel. The expansion capabilities of both allow you to pack a lot.

A downside is that the handle is built inside hence taking up some valuable packing space but this is offset to an extent with the expansion capability. Another con is that the exterior is quite prone to scratches, whilst the glossy finish is great scratches can stick out like a sore thumb if you are unfortunate enough to collect any large ones.

The Delsey does come with all the usual refinements like TSA locks, high quality durable handles which you expect given its price. What we really liked are the double wheels, they are extremely well made and you can turn quickly even on very rough surfaces. They are firmly bolted onto the suitcase itself and won’t let you down.

6. Samsonite - Omni PC 3 piece


  • Spinner Wheels are extremely well made
  • All 3 are pretty light for their size
  • Can be expanded for more space
  • Can nest one inside the other to save space


  • Marginally pricey
  • Interiors could have had more pockets

The Samsonite Omni is a hard side set of 3 is a great mid-range luggage set that is built to last. Available in 10 color variants the Samsonite Omni will make for a stylish option during your travels.

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Sizes: 20”, 24” & 28”

Weight: 6.8, 8.3 and 10.3 lbs respectively

With respect to size, they are great as you can fit a lot into each luggage. The interiors are quite simplistic with 1 mesh pocket and another to store some important papers. Other than that there’s a simple strap to keep your clothes from moving around.

The major positive with this set is that the wheels are extremely well made and they roll really well on different surfaces. Durability of the wheels are quite essential for any good luggage set and this set certainly ticks that box. The carry-on is a good size and will fit overhead cabins. Another feature about these is that you can easily nest 1 into another when storing them in your home, this saves a lot of space.

The set also comes with TSA locks which are pretty handy. The 100% polycarbonate shell is scratch resistant but in actual application, it does accumulate some scratches but not as much as the other ABS or polycarbonate models we’ve seen. A downside we felt was that for the amount of space on offer a pocket externally or internally would have helped. Weight wise, we felt that the larger 28” could be a bit lighter since it is a hard side after all. Aesthetically, we would recommend the Caribbean blue or the bronze since they tend to look really classy.

7. Merax - Travelhouse 3 piece set


  • Great value for money
  • Ample packing space
  • Telescopic handle is durable & easy to use
  • Can be nested to save space


  • Not many pockets inside or outside

The Merax travelhouse is our pick for the best budget luggage set. You get a good mixture of lightweight, price & space for packing. To top it off it comes in 10 vibrant colors.

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Size: 20, 24 28 inches

Weight: 5.8, 8.1, 9.7 lbs

First up, we think despite its price it almost matches the Samsonite omni which we touched on, in terms of quality. The 24 and 28 inches are expandable and gives a lot of space for packing. This is further aided by the design where the handles are outside the suitcase. Weight wise, it’s quite comparable to that of the Omni 3PC set again but the carry-on is marginally on the heavier side despite it being made of ABS. Which was a bit of a con but still not a deal breaker for us. The expansion feature was quite important on the 24 inch option as this will really help you take more so that you can have week long trips without having to resort to the 28” all the time.


The extendable handles are telescopic handles and are easy to use and quite durable. The wheels are quite sturdy but not as good as some of the others on our list but then again for the price having spinners are pretty good. The ABS exterior is light and does accumulate some scratches over time but not too many. Many users have reported having issues with the handles previously and the new metal handles which Meerax now uses are much more durable.


The bright colors are something we liked very much too but on the flipside if the luggage is handled extremely rough, scratches can be seen quite easily.

8. American Tourister - Pop Plus 3 piece set


  • All 3 roll extremely well
  • Very Economical
  • Adequate packing space for international travel
  • Quite light


  • Can tip over if heavier items are not packed towards the bottom
  • The zipper can break if handling is rough

American Tourister has a long history of producing great luggage for a good price and the pop plus 3 piece set certainly keeps up that tradition.

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Size: 21” 25” 29”

Weight: 8.6, 10.5, 12.1 lbs.

The pop 3 plus is a definite upgrade on the original pop 3 especially with respect to construction quality. The size will certainly suit many international travelers. The next most important aspect is the weight where all 3 we noted are relatively light. The Polyester exterior has a rich feel to it with the interiors having a simple finish with enough pockets. The handles are pretty standard which you see on most suitcases in this price range.

It comes in about 6 different colors and the trade-off with the bright color options are that they are pretty easy to see on the conveyor belt but the dirt marks also stick out a bit. Another point to note was that the carry-on is just about an inch over the 22inch regulation. Despite the bag including the wheels being slightly bigger, most users reported having no issues at all. It’s quite an economical 3 piece that definitely is one of the better budget options out there along with the Merax.

9. Tommy Bahama - Mojito 4 piece luggage set


  • Construction quality & design is fantastic
  • Interior too has a nice design
  • Thick wheels ensure it can handle any surface
  • All 3 are expandable offering a lot of packing space
  • Can survive rough treatment by airline staff


  • The 20” suitcase is a bit on the heavier side
  • A bit pricey

The Mojito 4 piece set by Tommy Bahama is our choice for the best high-end luggage set. The textured handles and signature Tommy Bahama finish offers travelers a fabulously stylish luggage option.

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Size: 20”, 24”, 28” & 20” duffel bag

Weight: 8.5, 9.8, 11.6 & 2.4 lb resp.

The main thing we liked is the design of course. Other than that this set has numerous positive traits. You can expand the 20, 24 & 28 inchers to get more packing space. The large duffle bag has a lot of room for more than just your laptop. You can just as easily fit a 17” laptop in there with ease. It comes in 2 colors the brownstone and navy.

We noticed that this set doesn’t accumulate many scratches or scrape marks that normal soft sided options usually do. The zippers are well made as well as the wheels. The wheel design itself is similar to the ones seen on the Steve Madden set. The 3 exterior pockets are pretty handy to store documents and any easy access items.

The telescopic handle is pretty basic and is not as stylish as the Delsey for instance. You might be wondering so what’s the catch? Well, the 20” luggage weighs in at 8.5 pounds which is comparable to many 25” options in the market today. We felt that this was a bit too high. It’s also much more expensive than the Steve Madden set too.

10. Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Sets


  • Good value for Money
  • Quite well made
  • Handles can be locked into position
  • Durability is very good


  • Scratches can be seen easily

For those who embrace a minimalist style and would like something highly durable, the Coolife set will really serve you well.

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Size: 20", 24", 28"

Weight: 6.3 lbs 8.1 lbs & 10.2 lbs

The Coolife set comes in 3 different colors and patterns and has a lot to offer for those who are looking for something really simple. The upright suitcase is made from ABS + PC and is quite light. These would make for a good 1st luggage for your travels if you are just starting to explore the world. The handles can be locked into position easily with a push of a button. This is quite handy especially if you want to tie a travel pillow or something to it.

It’s important to remember that you get what you pay for essentially with this set. The downsides are that with the bright colors scratches can be seen easily. The carry-on is quite light which makes it easy to use when compared to the Tommy Bahama we touched on earlier.

The zippers we noticed were slightly iffy but still held together well. The luggage comes with all the usual bells & whistles like TSA locks and standard handles on the side and the top. The dual wheels ensure the luggage rolls really smoothly which is essential for a great experience.

Factors to consider and advantages of opting for luggage sets


Travel frequency & duration: If you are purchasing the set for yourself, then make sure you have a need for all 2, 3 or 4 pieces. If it’s for your whole family then it’s a much easier decision. If you are unsure choosing a carry-on checked pairing would be an ideal solution. Some luggage sets even come with 5 to 8 pieces including packing cubes these offer you a chance to have an entirely matching packing setup.


Nesting Capability: Nesting capability was essential for us. Any suitcase that couldn’t be nested would become quite a pain to store. Especially if you have the habit of travelling seasonally. This is an advantage of choosing sets too since matching luggage tend to fit better.


Price: This is another one of the main advantages of purchasing a set. Many suitcases (not all) in the market are much cheaper when bought as a set when compared to individual buys. This way you can get the best of what’s on offer by even the big brands at a lower price.


A picture of one of the Best Luggage Sets in 2017 

What are each types characteristics?


Softsided options:

  • Are generally more durable and less prone to scratches.
  • Are lighter
  • Come in duller colors
  • are almost all expandable
  • Have plenty of external pockets


Hardsided options:

  • Usually don’t have any external pockets.
  • Come with TSA locks inbuilt
  • Can come in bright textures, colors & patterns so you dont need a luggage tag
  • Expansion features are rare


Things you look for when buying any luggage like:

Wheels – Spinners are much easier on the shoulder and that’s why they dominate our list. Also when purchasing, make sure the durability of the wheels is good. Matching the construction style to your own experience really helps.

Zippers & Handles – We looked to see if each piece in the set had handles on the side as well as on top to make lifting it easy. Zippers to cover handles & help aesthetics were also highly valued by us.

Weight: It’s quite common to utilize both the cabin & check – in suitcases. Ensure that each one in the set is light with respect to the class it’s in. if you simply want the lightest then the IT or Travel Pro should do the trick. You can always get yourself a luggage weight scale for your travels too.

Warranty: During our research, we valued companies that offered extended warranties and facilitated easy access to spares. Many of the top luggage sets offer at least 5 years limited warranty.

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