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Things To Not Pack In Your Checked Bag
Much as we all love going on holiday, not many people enjoy the process of packing. It’s always a bit of a nightmare trying to decide what you’ll ...
Katie Uniacke
How to Deal With Broken Luggage
Luggage doesn’t last forever, but it can have the annoying habit of breaking when you’re right in the middle of a trip. It’s frustrating and nor...
Katie Uniacke
5 Awesome Skydiving Destinations
When was the last time you left your comfort zone? When was the last time you jumped clear of your bubble and went into freefall? If you really want t...
Katie Uniacke
Interesting Places to Explore in 2018
Is 2018 the year you finally start traveling more? The months are already starting to slip through our fingers and it’s time you got some trips firm...
Katie Uniacke
The Best Destinations for Star Gazers
With the majority of us being city dwellers these days, we often forget that the stars are even there. Whereas our ancestors had a heightened awarenes...
Katie Uniacke
Packing for the perfect beach vacation
The beach calls. Long, lazy days in the sunshine and a chance for adults to finally recharge their batteries with a good book, and for kids to have so...
Katie Uniacke
By Road and Foot to Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu is the stuff that any traveller’s dreams are made of, and features on the majority of bucket lists. Pictures of the mountaintop city ar...
Katie Uniacke
Tips to save money while travelling
If you’ve got the travel bug, you’re probably saving up for your next big trip, if you’re not already adventuring. Although a lot of the best ex...
Katie Uniacke
Couch-Surfing 101
New to the world of couch-surfing? From the perspective of a beginner, it can seem confusing and more than a bit intimidating. Sleeping on a stranger...
Katie Uniacke
11 Ways to Be a Sustainable Traveler
Our planet is important to you. So much so, that you’re desperate to see as many corners of it as you can. On the other hand, you’re also desperat...
Katie Uniacke
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