Travel Tips

Tips to save money while travelling
If you’ve got the travel bug, you’re probably saving up for your next big trip, if you’re not already adventuring. Although a lot of the best ex...
Katie Uniacke
Couch-Surfing 101
New to the world of couch-surfing? From the perspective of a beginner, it can seem confusing and more than a bit intimidating. Sleeping on a stranger...
Katie Uniacke
11 Ways to Be a Sustainable Traveler
Our planet is important to you. So much so, that you’re desperate to see as many corners of it as you can. On the other hand, you’re also desperat...
Katie Uniacke
20 Perfect Jobs To Fund Your Adventures
Do you dream of packing up a backpack and disappearing long-term? The fantasy of an extended trip to exotic places that pushes us completely out of ou...
Katie Uniacke
Tips For Sleeping Well On An Airplane
You know those (infuriating) people, who can seem to fall asleep anywhere? The ones that get on a plane and are asleep before it’s even left the gat...
Katie Uniacke
Packing Hacks: Versatile Backpacking Items
On my various long-term trips over the years, I’ve learnt a few lessons the hard way and picked up a few ingenious tips from fellow travellers. The ...
Katie Uniacke
Essentials for Getting Comfy on Long Bus Journey...
Have a long flight or bus ride coming up? Arm yourself with the best travel accessories for long flights and journeys and stay comfortable throughout....
Katie Uniacke
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