Eastern Europe

Explore the beautiful city of Prague
We defy you not to fall under Prague’s spell from the first moment you take a stroll down one of its magical cobbled streets. This is a city steeped...
Katie Uniacke
The best sandy beaches in Croatia
Croatia’s coastline is simply breathtaking. We have gathered a list of the best sandy beaches in Croatia where you can work on your tan, relax, ...
Ariela Moraru
10 amazing things to do in Croatia
  A list of 10 amazing things to do when you travel to Croatia. Explore everything from beautiful islands to the famed local cuisine, when you vi...
Ariela Moraru
Visit Cluj Napoca: A gem in the heart of Transyl...
Travelers who seek the full Transylvanian experience are advised to leave home not only any garlic, but also all their worries. And funnily enough mos...
Ariela Moraru
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