5 Cool Apps for Travelers to have

September 22, 2017
Katie Uniacke

There’s no getting away from it. Gone are the days of the travel phone being a brick that you wouldn’t mind getting nicked.

Travel is no longer a chance to completely cut off from the world, and a smartphone has, in recent years, become pretty indispensable for any backpacker.

Everything is becoming more and more digitalised, and pretty soon paper boarding passes will be a thing of the past and we’ll only be able to check in online.

You rarely see anyone walking around with a map anymore, as you can now download the map of a whole country onto your smartphone, and roaming charges are becoming a thing of the past.

So you’ve got your maps and your airline apps, but what else should you be using your precious storage space for? We all know how precious that space can be, especially when you want to fill it up with selfies.

Here are a few of my favourites that’ll make your life far easier when you’re on the road.



A screenshot of the hopper app that is useful for travelers

Image via vimeo

If you’re a travel fan, you’ll be no stranger to this one, amazing for finding the best deals on flights.

If you’ve got your whole itinerary planned out and your flights booked, you won’t need this one, but if your style is a bit more last minute, track down the cheapest flights with the help of the handy app.

The best thing about this one specifically is that it’ll let you know whether it’s best to buy it then and there or wait for the price to drop, and it’ll let you know when it does!

Just pop in your point of departure and destination and indicate whether you’ve got specific travel dates or are just looking for the cheapest option.

Spontaneous last minute getaway? You can put in your point of departure and it’ll show you the cheapest flights to anywhere in the world.



I don’t go anywhere without my Revolut card these days. Download the app and sign up for an account and they’ll send you your card.

You can then link a bank card up to it and top it up from your phone. You can also get money out at ATMs and pay on card for things at great rates.

If you lose it, just block it from your phone. It’s a great way of keeping track of your money and your spending whilst you’re on the road.


Rome 2 Rio

A screenshot of the rome2rio app is shown here

This app is extremely handy when it comes to figuring out the best way to get from A to B.

Pop in where you are and where you need to get you, and it’ll show you the best way, whether it’s walking, or by plane, train, boat, bus, or driving.

It’ll give you a rough indication of how long each way will take and how much it’ll set you back, and give you links to websites to book your chosen form of travel. There are operators linked to it in over 158 countries. Simple, effective and saves a lot of headaches.



The packpoint app interface is pictured here

Do you spend hours agonising over what to take with you when you’re packing? Yeah, me too. Packpoint is my saviour because it actually tells me what to pack. No more indecisiveness!

Put in the details of your trip like how long you’re staying, what you’re doing and where you’re going, and it’ll tell you what you should take with you.

You can tweak the list a bit if it’s underestimated your shoe obsession, for example. Problem solved, so you can actually enjoy the pre-trip excitement!



A screenshot of the tinder app which one can use on his or her travels is seen here

Yes, really. Potentially not the best idea if you’re in a relationship, but any single travellers out there that would like to meet locals rather than the fellow travellers in their hostel should give the dating app that’s used the world over a go!

50 million people use it every month, so chances are you’ll find someone that suits you. If you’re travelling alone, it’s a great way to find someone to show you around and lets you get under the skin of the local culture, as it were.

Just don’t spend all your time glued to the app, you can meet people in real life, too!

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