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Things To Not Pack In Your Checked Bag
Much as we all love going on holiday, not many people enjoy the process of packing. It’s always a bit of a nightmare trying to decide what you’ll ...
Katie Uniacke
How to Deal With Broken Luggage
Luggage doesn’t last forever, but it can have the annoying habit of breaking when you’re right in the middle of a trip. It’s frustrating and nor...
Katie Uniacke
Airlines are actually losing less luggage. Here&...
With thousands of flights departing from hundreds of airports across the globe every day and a complex maze of luggage systems behind every check-in d...
Bethany Carter
9 Tips to prevent you losing your luggage
You’re standing at the baggage carousel, with that sinking feeling in your stomach. You’ve been there for a good 10 minutes, and the crowds are st...
Katie Uniacke
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