16 Things one should never do on a plane
Plane travel can be a joy. Having a bit of time to yourself to catch up on reading or binge-watch podcasts or films without feeling guilty is never a ...
Katie Uniacke
A Weekend in Granada, Spain
The peace of the Alhambra and the magic of the Albaycin. The bustling tapas bars and the never-ending nightlife. The quote goes that if you’re tired...
Katie Uniacke
Tips For Sleeping Well On An Airplane
You know those (infuriating) people, who can seem to fall asleep anywhere? The ones that get on a plane and are asleep before it’s even left the gat...
Katie Uniacke
The Incredible Benefits of Travelling
As a self-confessed travel addict, it’s no secret that I think that travel is the best thing since sliced bread, and I’m here to tell you why. In ...
Katie Uniacke
5 Cool Apps for Travelers to have
There’s no getting away from it. Gone are the days of the travel phone being a brick that you wouldn’t mind getting nicked. Travel is no longer a ...
Katie Uniacke
The Complete Travel Packing Checklist
Packing errors can arise for everyone from frequent flyers to the travel enthusiast who is just getting started. Leaving behind your camera or even si...
Shree Ravi
10 enchanting islands one HAS to visit
There’s nothing quite like an island. It’s something to do with the feeling of being surrounded by an ocean, completely cut off from the rest of t...
Katie Uniacke
Journey into the Jungle: San Ignacio, Belize
Belize is a fascinating, multi-layered land of contrasts that it’s pretty hard not to fall for. This ex-British colony is sandwiched between Guatema...
Katie Uniacke
19 Ways to Enjoy, Not Just Survive, A Long Fligh...
I wouldn’t mind betting that when you read that title, you raised your eyebrows just a touch. Enjoy? A long haul flight? Yeah, right. In recent year...
Katie Uniacke
A Weekend in Edinburgh
I was very ashamed of myself up until last week. I’d been to the other side of the world multiple times, but I’d never yet made it to England’s ...
Katie Uniacke
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