6 Amazing Day Trips From Paris
Paris is an incredible destination all in itself, from the gorgeous architecture and world-class museums to the chic cafés and romantic streets, itâ€...
Jordan Rachel
Beyond the Backpack: Choosing the Right Travel P...
So, you’re off on a big trip, and you’re starting to get excited. You’ve probably got your main backpack or suitcase sorted, but have you though...
Katie Uniacke
A Guide to Lanquin and Semuc Champey
Lanquin and the pools of Semuc Champey are, these days, very firmly on the classic gringo trail through Guatemala. Backpackers exploring this huge, tr...
Katie Uniacke
A Local’s Guide to Paris
Paris is the most visited city in the world year after year, so there’s no doubt you’ve heard about the incredible sights, sounds and tastes waiti...
Jordan Rachel
The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Travel Gear Guide
As travelers, it’s our job to make sure the places we visit remain just as beautiful and unpolluted for the next round of explorers. Many products w...
Jordan Rachel
Surfer’s Paradise: Sayulita
If I had to choose my favourite spot in Mexico, it would be a close-run thing between Isla Holbox, off the Caribbean coast, and Sayulita, a multicolou...
Katie Uniacke
Trekking Safety: Understanding the Human Factor
It does not matter if the trails are well trodden with packed down dirt and thousand of footprints or fresh snow covering the mountainside; the most d...
Sara Ezra Fulton
Isla Holbox: A Slice of Mexican Paradise
To the north of the Yucatan Peninsula, 2-3 hours from the hub of Cancun depending on how much you’re prepared to part with for the bus journey, lies...
Katie Uniacke
The ‘Craic’: A Weekend in Dublin
Dublin really is all it’s ‘craic’-ked up to be. See what I did there? In case you haven’t heard the term craic before, there’s no direct tra...
Katie Uniacke
The Great Irish Road Trip
When it comes to road tripping, you couldn’t ask for a better destination than Ireland.  The Emerald Isle is the perfect size to be seen from the c...
Katie Uniacke
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